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MultiCloud Images

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A MultiCloud Image is a RightScale component that functions as a map or pointer to machine images in specific clouds. Each ServerTemplate must reference a single MultiCloud Image that defines which image should be used when a server is launched in a particular cloud. When you add a server to a deployment, the ServerTemplate's MultiCloud Image will determine for which cloud you will be allowed to create a server. For example, if a ServerTemplate is using a MultiCloud Image that only has references to images in the 'US-East' and 'US-West' regions, you will not be able to use that ServerTemplate to create a server in the 'EU' region. Based on the cloud that is selected, the server will inherit the appropriate image for that region (e.g. RightImage CentOS5.2i386_v4.2.4) based on what's defined by the MultiCloud Image. Once a server has been added, it will inherit the image that is specified for that region by the MultiCloud Image. Later, you can manually edit the server's configuration and select a different image.

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