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Follow a Cookbook

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


When a cookbook is being followed, the new or updated versions of that cookbook that appear in the repositories section will automatically get imported. This only applies to cookbooks that have been imported into the alternate namespace from a repository. 


Note: Repositories are automatically re-scraped roughly once a day.


  1. Go to Design > Cookbooks and select the cookbook follow. Following a cookbook can only apply to cookbooks in the alternate namespace. For more information, see Primary and Alternate Namespaces.  
  2. Select the cookbook version or versions you would like to follow. 
  3. From the Actions drop-down, select Follow.




  1. A confirmation will ask if you want to follow the selected cookbook version or versions. You can only follow cookbooks from an alternate namespace and you can't follow an alternate namespace that is already being followed. Additionally, you can only apply one status at a time to a cookbook. For example, if a cookbook is marked as obsolete, this will change the status to followed. 


  1. Select OK.
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