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About Your EULAs

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You can create, manage, and attach End User License Agreements (EULAs) to ServerTemplates* when you publish them.  There are three parts to End User License Agreements in the RightScale Dashboard that you should be familiar with:

  1. Managing EULAs - Create new EULAs, new revisions, view, archive/unarchive, etc.  (Design -> Account Library -> Your EULAs)
  2. Publications - Attach EULAs to ServerTemplates* as part of the publishing process, or view EULAs attached to published ServerTemplates (Design -> Account Library -> Your Publications)
  3. Accepting EULAs - When end users import ServerTemplates that have EULAs attached to them, they must accept/reject the EULA

EULA Rules Summary

There are several rules to be aware of when working with EULAs in the RightScale Dashboard.  Such as:

  • 0, 1 or more EULAs can be attached to a published component (ServerTemplate)
  • EULAs are attached as part of the publishing process.  You cannot attach EULAs to previously published ServerTemplates.  (You can however publish a new revision of the ServerTemplate with the desired EULA.)
  • Saved EULAS cannot be deleted, but they can be archived.
  • EULAs cannot be attached to Head revisions (of ServerTemplates).
  • EULAs themselves do not have a Head revision (the most current revision is effectively a Head revision)
  • Archive/unarchive applies to all revisions of the EULA.  (For example, if the latest revision is 3, then a archive/unarchive applies to Revision 3, 2 and 1, not just Revision 3.)
  • New EULA revisions do not effect their corresponding older revisions that were previously attached to a published component (e.g. ServerTemplate)
  • Currently, there is no way for an end-user to view what EULAs they have accepted in the past.


* - Currently the only component you can attach a EULA to in the RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace is a ServerTemplate.  It is likely we will extend this functionality to other published components in the future.  For example, the ability  to attach EULAs to RightScripts or Macros.

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