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Volume Types

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Volume Types shows the types of permanent storage Volumes. You cannot create or edit the Volume Types from the Dashboard, that is setup previously for you, and is dependent upon the actual cloud. That is, this information is read-only, but you will be able to select the correct Volume Type when creating new Volumes. Click the Name hyperlink to see additional Volume Type details.


  • Name - Name of the Volume Type. For example: Small, Medium, Large, Very Small, and Very Large.
  • Size - Size of the Volume Type (in GB). For example: 5 GB, 25 GB, 100 GB, 1 GB, 1000 GB.
  • Resource UID - Each resource in the Dashboard has a unique ID tied to it. Listed here are unique resource ID's for permanent storage volumes. Whether the ID is numeric or alphanumeric varies depending on your cloud.
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