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Table of Contents

Table of Contents




  • Name - Name of the subnet.
  • Resource UID - Resource Unique Identifier. Each resource (or entity) in the Dashboard has a unique ID tied to it. Whether the ID is numeric or alphanumeric varies depending on the cloud infrastructure. The Resource UID is generated and persistent in the Cloud. The value is initially retrieved from the Cloud, set in the database, and retrieved/displayed in many areas of the Dashboard (tied to the specific cloud resource).
  • Visibility - The visibility of the Datacenter / Zone. Example: private.
  • Datacenter / Zone - The regional datacenter in the cloud (Datacenter and Zone are synonymous) to which the subnet belongs.
  • Actions -
Clouds > Subnets


There are currently no actions you can perform with respect to Subnets.  Think of them as containing read-only information after the initial setup and configuration is performed.

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