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About VPC

In late August Amazon launched support for its Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to help bridge the gap between existing IT infrastructures and its public cloud.  

The RightScale Dashboard allows you to create, view and delete VPC's, as well as Subnets.  Before getting started in the Dashboard, we recommend getting some background information from AWS.  Please look over the Features & Benefits as well as the VPC Blog entry in the "See also" section below.

NoteThe August release of VPC is considered beta from AWS, as is the September and October Dashboard releases from RightScale that support VPC.

Primary Components

The following are the primary components in building out a Virtual Private Cloud:

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) itself with a CIDR block
  • VPC IP space and one or more Subnets
  • Customer gateway (customer end of a secure connection)
  • VPN gateway (AWS end of a secure connection)
  • VPN connection

Note:  Our initial September release with VPC support only allowed #1 and #2 above to be completed from the Dashboard UI.  Numbers 3-5 needed to be completed using AWS command line tools or the AWS API itself.  We now support all five steps from within our Dashboard.  See the VPC related tutorials in the parent directory for more information.  (Support Portal -> Clouds -> Multi-cloud)

Other Considerations

  • You can only create one VPC per RightScale account
  • The RightScale Dashboard UI supports VPC for Enterprise accounts only
  • Requires 'actor' role on your RightScale account
  • You must register with Amazon to enable VPC capabilities.  Register here
  • AWS (and RightScale) first supported VPC in Europe starting in October 2009
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