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Edit an AWS Elastic Load Balancer Configuration


Edit the configuration (and hence operation) of an AWS Elastic Load Balancer in the RightScale Dashboard


EC2 credentials, and an previously created AWS Elastic Load Balancer


There are several ways you can modify your load balancers configuration that will effect the way it operates.  One of the more common edits you can perform from the Dashboard is changing (adding to or deleting from) the Availability Zones your load balancer distributes traffic in.


  1. Navigate to Clouds -> AWS Region -> Load Balancing
  2. Select the correct LoadBalancerName link
  3. Select the Edit action button.  The following are fields you can modify:
  • Availability Zone - Use the checkbox to add to or delete from the zones this load balancer should service traffic in
  • Target - Specify the target port and protocol for the health check.  Format is: Protocol (TCP or HTTP) and port (1 to 65535).  Default is:  TCP:80.
  • Interval - Health check interval.  Approximate number of seconds between health checks of a given instance.  Default is 30 seconds.  (Must be between 5 and 600.)
  • Timeout - Health check timeout.  Number of seconds during which no response means a failed health check.  Default is 5.  (Must be between 2 and 60.)
  • Healthy threshold - Number of positive consecutive health checks before moving the instance back to the "Healthy" state.  Default is three.  (Must be between 2 and 10.)
  • Unhealthy threshold - Number of negative consecutive health checks before moving the instance back to the "Unhealthy" state.  Default is five.  (Must be between 2 and 10.)

Note:  Please consult the AWS documentation for additional information.  (Our default values align with AWS at the time of their service launch, but  above values could possibly become dated over time.)


When ready, remember to select the Update action button to save your changes.

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To view the current configuration of your load balancer, navigate to:

Clouds > AWS Region > Load Balancing > LoadBalancerName Info tab

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