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EC2 Licenses

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


When launching Windows Instances on EC2, there are additional Windows license fees that are factored into the pricing scheme.  Essentially, you must pay for the infrastructure (Instance usage, etc.) and the Windows license for that Instance. 

Some RightScale and AWS customers may have previously purchased multi-server licenses for Windows.  If that is the case and you have already activated your license (by calling AWS directly), you can use the "EC2 Licenses" menu option to draw from a license pool which in turn get assigned to a Windows Server during launch.  By doing this, you prevent double payment for your Windows licenses.  That is, you will pay for the infrastructure costs only in the cloud (because the license costs were already paid for prior.)

Note:  For a multi-server license when it is (or will be) partially used by your own servers at work or at home you can activate only a custom set of licenses for the Servers to be launched in Amazon EC2.


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