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Replicate an Image to different EC2 regions


To replicate (copy) a machine image to another AWS region (e.g. 'us-east' to 'us-west') so that you can use it to launch instances in that region.  You are essentially creating a new image in a different AWS region that's a duplicate of an existing image. 

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Images are AWS region-specific.  For example, you cannot use an AMI that stored in 'AWS US-East' to launch a server instance in the 'AWS US-West' region.  In order to use the same AMI in multiple regions, you must migrate/replicate the image to the new cloud or AWS region.
Note: At this time only replication of instance-store (S3) AMIs is supported (EBS AMIs unsupported).


Before you can replicate an image to a different EC2 region, you must already have an S3 bucket (in that region) into which you can replicate an image.  The example below assumes you're replicating an image from AWS US-East to AWS-EU, but the same steps are the same regardless of which region you're replicating an image into.

To replicate an image into AWS-EU, you must create an S3 bucket in Europe.

Go to Clouds -> AWS Global -> S3 Browser.  Create a new bucket and be sure to specify "Europe" as its location.



Go to Clouds -> AWS US-East -> Images.  Under the Personal tab, select an image that you would like to make available in the EC2-EU region.

Click the Replicate button. 



Next, specify the S3 bucket where you would like to store the image.  Notice that the S3 bucket is EU. 

Note: Some kernels and ramdisks cannot be copied over to different EC2 regions, therefore you may need to select a different kernel.  Only kernels that can be copied over will be listed.


Click the Replicate action button. 

Your image will not be available immediately. The length of time needed to replicate the image to a different region depends on how busy the queue is, and the size of the data to transfer for your image.   You will see a flash message similar to the following: "Your EC2 image replication task has been placed to a queue. The EC2 images list will be updated soon." 

Post Tutorial Steps

Once your image is available for use in the EC2-EU region, you can select it when you add the EC2-EU cloud to your ServerTemplate. 

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