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Analyze an S3 Bucket for AMIs


To inspect an S3 bucket and find any machine images that may be stored there.

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AWS S3 service.   See their website to sign up.  


The EC2 Image Locator is a tool you can use to locate and cleanup Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).  If you loose track of AMIs that have been deregistered you can use this tool to locate and subsequently delete AMIs you are certain you no longer need to store in your S3 bucket.

Note:  When you analyze a bucket that resides in Europe, you will incur S3 Request and Data Transfer costs.  See Amazon S3 Pricing information for complete details.



  • Go to Clouds -> AWS Global -> EC2 Image Locator.
  • Select an S3 bucket to inspect (ex: aws-test).




  • Click the Analyze bucket button

Since the RightScale server querying S3 is in EC2, you will not incur any data transfer costs unless the S3 bucket is located outside of the US (ex: S3-Europe).




The time needed to complete the analysis of a bucket may take a long time if the bucket is large.  When the analysis is complete, a list of all AMIs will the be shown.

You can select the degregister or delete action icons.  Note the deletion is permanent however.

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