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VMware vSphere Installation Guide

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Technical Overview

RightScale vSphere Integration

The RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere interfaces between the RightScale SaaS platform and a vCenter/vSphere installation. The appliance located on­premises connects via HTTPS to the RightScale platform and to the local vCenter server. In addition to API translation the appliance implements multi­tenancy in the vSphere environment and it contains policy configuration. Virtual machines launched through the RightScale platform need to communicate back to the platform for ongoing management (monitoring, alerts, management). These outbound connections are to a small number of IP ranges and use a well­defined set of protocol and ports (this set will is being consolidated).

These connections may be routed through a NAT appliance provided by the customer or by RightScale.

Network Configuration

The appliance is delivered in the form of an OVA virtual appliance and is typically operated in the vSphere environment it manages. In terms of networking, the following functionality needs to be enabled:

  • The on­premises RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere appliance needs to open HTTPS connections to the RightScale Platform.
  • The RightScale Cloud Appliance needs to open HTTPS connections to the vSphere API (the vCenter server)
  • The virtual machines launched in the vSphere environment need to open connections back to the​ RightScale platform over a variety of protocols.

This connectivity can be achieved through a number of different network architectures. For the appliance, RightScale recommends one of the following two architectures:

RightScale Appliance with one network interface and NAT/proxy

In this architecture the appliance has a single internal IP address and outgoing connections to the RightScale platform are NATed by the firewall or are passed through an HTTPS proxy. To use an HTTPS proxy it must support the standard “CONNECT” connection upgrade. The virtual machines in this architecture are on an internal network and outgoing connections are also NATed by the firewall.

RightScale Appliance with two network interfaces

Here the appliance has a publicly routable IP address enabling direct outbound connections through the firewall, and a separate internal IP address on a second network interface on an internal network that provides connectivity to vSphere.

In this architecture the virtual machines launches through RightScale are on an internal network and a NAT appliance provides connectivity back to the RightScale platform.

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