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 icon-Beta-v1.png  Service-level response times are the same as for general-release features. Although this new feature/technology has undergone significant testing and is not expected to change significantly prior to general release, the use of this feature/technology is not recommended for production environments. You are encouraged to use this feature/technology for development and testing purposes only. 

RightScale Support for Rackspace Open Cloud

RightScale enables Rackspace customers to manage and automate their Cloud Servers. RightScale provides proven and resilient architectures, powerful scaling and automation tools, and a single pane of glass to gain visibility across Rackspace regions, and interopability between Rackspace and its other public and private cloud offerings.


Feature Dallas Fort Worth Chicago London Sydney Hong Kong
Instances X X X X X
Images X X X X X
Instance Types X X X X X
Volumes X X X X X
Volume Types X X X X X
Volume Snapshots X X X X X


X - Supported feature

Known Issues and Limitations

Sydney Region

With the v13.4 ServerTemplate release, you must manually add the MCI for Rackspace Open Cloud Sydney. You must import and add the Open Cloud Sydney MCI (Ubuntu Sydney MCI, CentOS Sydney MCI) to your ServerTemplate. For more information, see Add a MultiCloud Image to a ServerTemplate.

Volume Size

When creating a volume in Rackspace Open Cloud, you must specify a size of 100GB minimum with the maximum being 1TB. Otherwise, the volume creation will fail silently without error.

Contact Information

Rackspace Open Cloud


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