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Create a Rackspace Open Cloud ServerTemplate

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Create a Rackspace Open Cloud ServerTemplate. 



ServerTemplates are cloud-agnostic. However, each ServerTemplate references a single MultiCloud Image (MCI) object. The MultiCloud Image defines which clouds are compatible with your ServerTemplate. See MultiCloud Images for more information.

When you add a server to a deployment from ServerTemplate, you can only add that server to a cloud the MultiCloud Image supports. When you create a ServerTemplate, you must either select an existing MultiCloud Image or create one  and specify at least one image for a particular cloud.

NOTE: This page is intended for advanced ServerTemplate development. If you wish to create a new ServerTemplate, we recommend importing our Base Windows or Base Linux ServerTemplate, cloning it, and modifying the ServerTemplate as necessary. You can also visit our MultiCloud Marketplace to search for additional ServerTemplates.


Navigate to Design -> ServerTemplates -> New.


  • Nickname - Provide a nickname for your ServerTemplate.
  • Description - (Optional) Provide a short description of the ServerTemplate.
  • MultiCloud Image - You can either select an existing MultiCloud Image or create a new MultiCloud Image at this time. If possible, we recommend using one of the default MultiCloud Images from RightScale or creating a custom MultiCloud Image beforehand. If you choose to create a new MultiCloud Image at this time, you will need to specify an image for a cloud. Later, you can add other clouds to the MultiCloud Image that you just created, under its Clouds tab (DesignMultiCloud Images).

You are now ready to launch a Rackspace server. To ensure that Inputs will not be overwritten by accident, create a new deployment and add a Rackspace server to the deployment using the new Rackspace ServerTemplate.

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