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Google Compute Engine (GCE)


Large-scale computing workloads hosted on Google's infrastructure.

About Google Compute Engine

 icon-Beta-v1.png  Service-level response times are the same as for general-release features. Although this new feature/technology has undergone significant testing and is not expected to change significantly prior to general release, the use of this feature/technology is not recommended for production environments. You are encouraged to use this feature/technology for development and testing purposes only. 

Google Compute Engine is a high performance IaaS and PaaS offering, built on the same infrastructure that powers Google’s global operations. Google Compute Engine provides consistent performance and networking that are designed to be consistently fast and reliable. Scale efficiently to tens of thousands of cores on infrastructure designed for large-scale computing while benefiting from encrypted data at rest and transit for local ephemeral drives as well as volumes.


Demonstration of RightScale managing a basic deployment in the Google Compute Engine.  (~3 minutes)

RightScale Demo with Google Compute Engine from RightScale on Vimeo.

RightScale Support for Google


In addition to the basics on this unified landing page, two additional levels of information can be found for many supported features:

  1. Overview - Click to see the entire Cloud Overview or jump to a specific feature (below).
  2. Detailed View - Click on the "Detail" ( ♦ ) icon.  (Future.)


Feature Overview us-central1-a us-central2-a us-east1-a
Instances X X X
Images X X X
Instance Types X X X
Datacenter / Zones X X X
Security Groups X X X

  - Technical Detail Info (actionable).  Reserved for future use.
X - Supported feature
Ø - Not supported


Runbooks for Google have not been built out yet.

Known Issues and Limitations

Google Cloud Storage API v2.0 Support

Our ServerTemplates v13.4 and older only support API v1.0 of Google Cloud Storage. Google has introduced API v2.0, which is currently not compatible with our ServerTemplates. New Google customers using RightScale will experience issues using ROS backups and restores with v2.0. However, if you have API v1.0 enabled on your GCE account, you will be unaffected.

To resolve this issue, you will need to upgrade to API v2.0, then make it backwards compatible with API v1.0 as well as provide a default project ID. For more information, see Why do scripts and recipes fail with a missing project ID error?

Supported Instances

Rightscale does not currently support f1.micro and g1.small instances on GCE as these instances do not have a scratch disk and they require a persistent boot disk to launch. At the time of this writing, we do not yet support persistent boot disk in GCE. Product team is looking into when this functionality can be implemented.


Contact Information


  • Sales - For information about your account specifics, contact your account manager or email
  • Support - Report any bugs related to RightScale, please raise a support ticket from the Dashboard or email
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