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Sign up for Google Compute Engine



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To sign up for the Google Compute Engine (GCE) and obtain credentials to add the cloud to a RightScale account.

Background Information

Before you create a RightScale account and start launching instances using the RightScale Dashboard, you must first have valid Google Compute Engine credentials so that you can use its web services. You can either sign up for a new Google Compute Engine account or use existing Google Compute Engine credentials. This tutorial assumes that you are creating a new Google Compute Engine account. 


Create a Google Compute Engine Account

The first step is to sign up for Google Compute Engine. If you already have a Google Compute Engine account, you may sign in using your existing Google Compute Engine account or sign up here.

Activate Google Compute Engine

From your Google APIs Console, under "Services," request access for the "Google Compute Engine" service and make it active.


This service must stay active for Google Compute Engine use.

Activate Google Cloud Storage


RightScale recommends that "Google Cloud Storage" service stays "ON" for RightScale with Google Compute Engine use.

From your Google APIs Console, under "Services," make "Google Cloud Storage" active.

Enable Billing

To use Google cloud services, you must enable billing by providing valid credit card information. Under the "Billing" section, click Enable Billing and provide the required information.

Required GCE Credentials

Later, you will add the following information into the RightScale Dashboard to validate your account. RightScale requires this information to execute actions in GCE on your behalf.

Project ID

Your unique Google Project ID (e.g. is shown in the Overview area of your GCE console, which RightScale requires to add to your account.


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