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Set up Google Cloud Storage

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To set up Google's Cloud Storage service so that you can create containers for storing data such as images, database dump files, and database backups.  


  • A google account that has access to a Google APIs console project.


Sign-up for a Google Cloud Storage Account

Follow the steps below to activate the Google Cloud Storage service and create a new Google Cloud Storage account for your project. See Activate Google Cloud Storage for more details.

  1. Log into the Google APIs Console. (
  2. Click on the project that is associated with the RightScale account.
  3. Go to Cloud Storage > Project dashboard.
  4. Make sure you've set up your billing information correctly before you try and use the service.
  5. In order to enable third party tools such as RightScale to interface with Google Cloud Storage, you must enable interoperable API access so that you can use HMAC authentication. Click the Make this my default project for interoperable storage access button.


Create Cloud Credentials

Cloud credentials are required to upload objects to a storage container or retrieve "private" objects. If you are using ServerTemplates published by RightScale, many of them contain scripts for interacting with various remote object storage services. Before you start setting up deployments you should create user-defined credentials to securely pass the required cloud credentials for Google Cloud Storage.

  1. When you turn on the "Interoperable Access" feature, you will see two different storage access options in the navigation menu. Go to the Interoperable Access section to view the set of storage keys that were auto-generated for your Google account.


  1. Create two new credentials to store your access key values.
    • GOOGLE_ACCESS_KEY_ID - The Interoperable Storage Access Key. (e.g. GO5MTPOCQGO5MTPOCQO)
    • GOOGLE_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - Click Show to view the Interoperable Secret Access Key, which is a 40 character Base-64 encoded string that's paired with the storage access key. Protect this value! It's a preshared key that's only known by you and the Google Cloud Storage system. If you think your access keys have been compromised, generate a new set of storage access keys. (e.g. WusHcOzqCi9WWusHcOzqCi9WWusHcOzqCi9WfbD)
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