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Launch a Windows server on EC2


Launch a Windows server on EC2 using an AMI. See Amazon for current pricing information (

Although you can launch a Windows EC2 instance directly from an AMI, we strongly recommend that you launch a Windows server using a ServerTemplate so that you can take advantage of the built-in monitoring, alerting, and configuration scripts. There are several ServerTemplates that are available in the MultiCloud Marketplace for launching common Windows servers. Before you launch an instance directly from an AMI, see what's available in the MultiCloud Marketplace or follow one of our Windows Tutorials.

Create a Security Group for Windows

The first step is to create a security group for your Windows servers and open port 3389 so you can log in to the servers via Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) after launching them.

Go to Clouds -> AWS Region -> Security Groups, and click New

Click Create. Open TCP port 3389 for the security group.  Set "IPs" to to allow any IP addresses. (For more information on EC2 security groups, see Create a New ECS Security Group.)


Launch a Windows Server from an Image

You are now ready to launch a Windows server.  Go to Clouds -> AWS Region -> Images.  Under the Amazon tab, you'll find a list of distributed Amazon Machine Images (AMI) that you can use to launch fresh Windows instances on EC2. (Tip: Filter by nickname: win) 

RightScale also published several Windows-based RightImages. See OS and Software Package Support for a current list of available images.

Find the desired AMI and click the associated launch button.  



Provide the following configuration parameters.  Be sure to select the "Windows" security group that you just created.  Click Launch.  Be sure to select the "Windows" security group that you just created.

In a couple of minutes, the server will become "operational."  You can click on the server's nickname to view more detailed information about the server.


Remote Desktop into the Windows Server

Now that the server is operational, you can click on the RDP icon to Remote Desktop directly into the Windows server.

NOTE: You cannot log into a Windows Server using Firefox.  You must use Internet Explorer and ActiveX must be installed and enabled.




Windows Standard Remote Desktop Connection

You can also use a Remote Desktop Connection to connect to the server.   (Windows XP: All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection).   Enter the Public DNS Name (ex: and click Connect.



The last step is to login as "Administrator."  The initial password is located under the Info tab of the operational server.


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