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RightScale Cloud Management Platform Status -  Key Services

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Note: For concerns related to CVE-2014-6271, we have published this article.


Status RightScale Service Notices
icon_green_circle_v1.png  Dashboard 

Feb 26, 2015 10:15 PM PDT - We have received reports of being unable to run scripts and instances not launching in both shards. We are currently investigating the issue.


Feb 26, 2015 11:15 PM PDT- We were able to narrow down that the issues were occurring for instances in the following clouds:

4 - AWS ap-southeast-1
5 - AWS ap-northeast-1
2012 - CloudStack China
2180 - Azure East Asia
2181 - Azure Southeast Asia
2160 - Datapipe Shanghai
8 - EC2 ap-southeast-2


Issues with those clouds should now be resolved.

icon_green_circle_v1.png MultiCloud Marketplace  
icon_red_circle_v1.png Cloud Analytics  
icon_green_circle_v1.png Monitoring  
icon_green_circle_v1.png Repositories


icon_green_circle_v1.png Tags  
icon_green_circle_v1.png Alerting System  
icon_green_circle_v1.png RightLink Communication


icon_green_circle_v1.png RightScale API 1.0


icon_green_circle_v1.png RightScale API 1.5  
icon_green_circle_v1.png Autoscaling


icon_green_circle_v1.png Self Service  


 icon_green_circle_v1.png Fully operational.  No known issues.
   icon_yellow_circle_v1.png  Operational but impaired
   icon_red_circle_v1.png  Not operational

Public Cloud Providers

Please check with the Cloud Provider directly, or click the hyperlink to see their status and site maintenance page.


Note:  This is a manually updated status page.  If this status does not align with behavior you are experiencing, please contact support@rightscale.com


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