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RightScale Cloud Management Platform Status -  Key Services

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Note: For concerns related to CVE-2014-6271, we have published this article.


Status RightScale Service Notices
icon_green_circle_v1.png  Dashboard 

11/18/2014 23:01 PDT - We got a report from Private Cloud Users that they are having problems launching new instances due to a certificate error. This is currently being investigated and update will be provided here as it becomes available.


11/19/2014 01:19 PDT - This has been resolved and issue is with the SSL certificate change that was made in preparation for the upcoming release. The change has been reverted back and Service has been restored.

icon_green_circle_v1.png MultiCloud Marketplace  
icon_red_circle_v1.png Cloud Analytics  
icon_green_circle_v1.png Monitoring  
icon_green_circle_v1.png Repositories


icon_green_circle_v1.png Tags  
icon_green_circle_v1.png Alerting System  
icon_green_circle_v1.png RightLink Communication


icon_green_circle_v1.png RightScale API 1.0


icon_green_circle_v1.png RightScale API 1.5  
icon_green_circle_v1.png Autoscaling


icon_green_circle_v1.png Self Service  


 icon_green_circle_v1.png Fully operational.  No known issues.
   icon_yellow_circle_v1.png  Operational but impaired
   icon_red_circle_v1.png  Not operational

Public Cloud Providers

Please check with the Cloud Provider directly, or click the hyperlink to see their status and site maintenance page.


Note:  This is a manually updated status page.  If this status does not align with behavior you are experiencing, please contact support@rightscale.com


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