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Chef Development Environment (CDE)

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The Chef Development Environment (CDE) ServerTemplate helps you quickly set up a standard Chef development environment that you can use for Chef cookbook development.

Instead of setting up a Chef development environment on your local machine you can use this ServerTemplate to quickly launch an instance in the cloud for development purposes. It's configured to automatically retrieve your cookbook repositories at boot time from the specified software code repositories (e.g. GitHub) and save them locally on the instance under the '/opt/development' directory. All of the necessary development tools are automatically installed and made available so that you can quickly modify and commit your code changes, push them back to your repository, and test them on a separate test server. 



For a basic example of how to use the CDE ServerTemplate for development purposes, see the Intermediate 1 Chef Tutorial. The tutorial leverages example code from an existing repository. It's recommended that you complete the intermediate tutorial to become familiar with a basic development workflow before trying to use the ServerTemplate for development of your own code repositories. When you are ready to use it for your own custom development, see the Chef Development Environment (CDE) - Tutorial.


  • Installs a custom .vimrc
  • Installs .gitconfig with your own user details
  • Installs Chef (v10.12.0) and Knife
  • Adds your Git SSH key for pushing code changes to your GitHub repositories
  • Downloads a public/private repository from GitHub
  • Includes a command line tool called RightScale Search Function (rsf) for finding the Chef cookbooks and recipes that were executed on the server (/var/cache/rightscale dir)
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