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Disable or Enable Continuous Backups


  1. Go to the running instances page.  (Manage -> Servers)
  2. Click on the nickname of the DB instance where you want to disable/enable continuous backups.
  3. Click on the Actions tab. 
    To disable continuous backups, click on the DB freeze binary backups operational button.
    To enable continuous backups, click on the DB unfreeze binary backups operational button.
  4. Wait until the action is successfully completed.

What feedback to expect

The Recent Events pane will highlight the progress of the operation.  If the action is not completed successfully and there is a failure message, click on the name of the action in the Recent Events pane for a detailed output that you can use for troubleshooting.

The best way to perform a check and verify that the action was successful is to browse the S3 directory to see the time of the latest backup file.

For slave DB instances, the backup filenames will incrementally accordingly.  Ex: 'BACKUPFILE_PREFIX'-00.tgz ... 'BACKUPFILE_PREFIX'-50.tgz.  Since slave backups are updated every 10 minutes, you should be able to confirm rather quickly if you successfully disabled or enabled continuous backups.

For master DB instances, the backup filenames will have the full date appended to it. Ex: 'BACKUPFILE_PREFIX'-2008111110   Since master DB backups are performed nightly, you'll need to wait until the nightly backup time in order to confirm that they were successfully disabled or enabled.

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