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Database Manager for MySQL-S3 Runbook

About Manager for MySQL

Manager for MySQL interface has been designed to hide the low level complexities of managing distributed DB systems in order to provide a simple and intuitive interface. Despite its simplicity, there are still different paths that users can take in trying to resolve the various situations that might arise during the lifetime of the DB system. Not all of these possible resolution choices are always appropriate or even valid. This runbook is designed to guide Manager for MySQL operators in taking decisions that follow the best practices when facing the most typical situations.

About the Runbook

This runbook is specifically designed for customers who are using the "MySQL Bootstrap" and "MySQL Additional" ServerTemplates.  If you are using the MySQL-EBS Server Templates ("MySQL EBS v1"), please refer to the Database Manager for MySQL-EBS v1 Runbook.

This runbook is organized in sections corresponding to the most common situations that you may encounter when managing your MySQL databases.  To resolve common problem scenarios, identify and verify your problem, and then follow the list of suggested solution recipes.  Links to solution recipes will be listed at the end of each MySQL problem scenario.

While unexperienced operators might need to consult the solution recipe details to resolve the situations at the beginning, more seasoned operators will be able to quickly resolve them by simply looking at their names.

NOTE: The MySQL Runbook is not meant to provide a substantial background of the underlying architecture of Manager for MySQL.

Use the links below or download the pdf version: Manager for MySQL Runbook

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