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MySQL-EBS ServerTemplates and RightScripts

The following ServerTemplates and RightScripts are used for configuring a MySQL-EBS Database Setup.

"MySQL EBS v1" ServerTemplate

This ServerTemplate executes a sequence of boot scripts that accomplish the following tasks:

  • Prepares the instance disks (installing lvm tools, partitioning and formatting)
  • Registers the master's DNS
  • Installs and initializes the necessary MySQL software
  • Creates an EBS volume from an EBS snapshot and attaches it to the server
  • Sets up permissions used by Manager for MySQL
  • Configures the instance for continuous backups via EBS snapshots
  • Creates a new snapshot of the EBS volume

After the server is launched, you will need to execute one of the following RightScripts.  The state of your Manager for MySQL deployment will determine which RightScript you will need to run.


"DB EBS Restore" RightScript

This RightScript is ONLY run when there is no other MySQL instance running. This RightScript is only used to bootstrap a Manager for MySQL deployment. Therefore, unless a catastrophic failure terminates all of the MySQL instances in your deployment, you will only be running this script once in the lifetime of the application.  Any life-cycle operations on the system are done in your Manager for MySQL deployment by adding servers based on the "MySQL EBS" template (see below) and performing operational tasks such as promoting instances to become "master" and initializing others as "slave" instances.

"DB EBS slave init from non-EBS master" RightScript

This RightScript is only run when you are migrating an existing Manager for MySQL deployment from using the MySQL-S3 ServerTemplates (MySQL Bootstrap/Additional) to EBS. This script helps you perform the migration on running servers without any downtime.  See the MySQL Database Migration: S3 to EBS tutorial.

"DB EBS slave init at boot" RightScript

There are two RightScripts that are designed for initialization.  "DB EBS slave init at boot" is a boot script. If the input INIT_SLAVE_AT_BOOT is set to "True" then the server will automatically be initialized as a slave when it's launched. If the input is set to "False," the slave will become operational, but it will have an empty and dormant database that can manually be initialized by running the "DB EBS slave init" operational script (see below).

"DB EBS slave init" RightScript

"DB EBS slave init at boot" is the operational script version of "DB EBS slave init at boot."  When a server is operational you can run this RightScript to initialize the running instance as a new MySQL-EBS Slave.

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