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Database Manager for MySQL-EBS v1 Runbook

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Warning: This page contained outdated or otherwise non-applicable product information, and has been deprecated. Please use the RightScale Support Portal's search feature to search for up-to-date information on this topic.

This runbook is specifically designed for customers who are using the "MySQL EBS v1" ServerTemplate.  If you are using the MySQL-S3 Server Templates (MySQL Bootstrap/Additional), please refer to the Manager for MySQL-S3 Runbook.  If you are using the "MySQL EBS v2" ServerTemplates, see the Database Manager for MySQL Stripe Runbook.

The runbook is organized in sections corresponding to the most common situations that you may encounter when managing your MySQL databases.  To resolve common problem scenarios, identify and verify your problem, and then follow the list of suggested solution recipes.  Links to solution recipes will be listed at the end of each MySQL problem scenario.

While inexperienced operators might need to consult the solution recipe details to resolve the situations at the beginning, more seasoned operators will be able to quickly resolve them by simply looking at their names.

NOTE: This runbook is not meant to provide a substantial background of the underlying architecture of Manager for MySQL.

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