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Domain Setup


Because instances can be launched and terminated on EC2 depending on a site's need at any given time, it's important that a framework is in place that will allow the DNS settings to point to the proper instances at all times.  It is important to use a DNS framework that enables the registration of IP addresses of servers dynamically using their API.  RightScale's MySQL database ServerTemplates are pre-built to support several different DNS providers.


The following tutorials will show you how to use DNS providers to create DNS Records and hostname for your databases and frontends.

Note: We recommend using Elastic IPs (EIP) for your frontend servers.  If you do not want to use EIPs for your frontends, see the Domain Setup with DNSMadeEasy (w/o EIPs) tutorial.


Just to provide a reminder or a bit more context on where setting up your DNS Made Easy sits in a typical Deployment building process:

  • Create your Elastic IPs
  • Set up your Servers using ServerTemplates (for example, Master/Slave Database Servers and frontend Servers for your load balancing pool)
  • Create and/or configure your DNS provider account  (you are here!)
  • ... Continue configuring your Deployment to suit your needs ...

Choose your DNS Provider

Each DNS provider has a different process for managing your DNS Records (Hostnames).  Follow the tutorial that applies to your chosen DNS solution.

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