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Unfreeze Continuous Volume Backups


To unfreeze or restart continuous backups on an EBS Volume or Stripe of EBS Volumes. 


  • Import the appropriate 'Toolbox' ServerTemplate
  • A Server with attached EBS Volumes where continuous backups were previously frozen. (See Freeze Continuous Volume Backups)


  1. If you haven't already done so, import the 'Toolbox' ServerTemplate
  2. Go to your Deployment (Manage -> Deployments).
  3. Click the nickname of the Server to which EBS Volumes are attached.
  4. Script Dependencies:  The following scripts must be run before you can successfully run the unfreeze backups script.
    • For "EBS Toolbox" -  (Non-Stripe)
      • EBS Rightscale tools install
      • EBS volume continuous backups
    • For "EBS Stripe Toolbox" - (Stripe)
      • EBS Stripe Rightscale tools install
      • EBS Continuous backups
  5. Under the Server's Scripts tab, use the 'Any Script' option to run the "EBS unfreeze volume backups" script.

What feedback to expect

The Events pane will highlight the progress of the operation.  Click on the name of an action in the pane to view a detailed output of the action that can be used to troubleshoot the cause of a failure, if necessary.

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