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Initialize Master-DB contents


To manually initialize the contents of a MySQL database.


There are several different ways to manually initialize the contents of a MySQL database.  This document describes a simple way of accomplishing this task.  However, experienced DBA's can choose their preferred method to accomplish the same task.

The easiest way to initialize the contents of the Master-DB is to follow the appropriate "stripe" MySQL Database Setups tutorial.


  1. Go to your Deployment (Manage -> Deployments).
  2. SSH into the running Master-DB server.
  3. Download the initial DB contents into the local disk (i.e., /mnt/ ) using scp, ftp, or rsync from an external source.
  4. Install the downloaded contents into the MySQL server by creating the database schema and applying the MySQL dump file (if that's the format of the download), or perhaps by replacing the base directory if the downloaded contents are in binary format.


What feedback to expect

After you've completed the steps above, the Master-DB instance should be serving the contents of the downloaded DB file.  To confirm, connect locally to the MySQL server and show the list of databases/schemas that it's currently serving. For example: echo "show databases;" | mysql -u root. You should be able to find the name of the imported DB in the list of database names.

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