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Change the frequency and number of saved snapshots


To change the following input variables to modify the frequency and number of snapshots that are saved. 

Note: You cannot change these settings once you have running servers.  You must first change the input variables and then launch new DB instances that will inherit the latest snapshot settings.


  1. Go to your Deployment (Manage > Deployments).
  2. As a best practice, you should change the following input variables at the Deployment level so that new instances will reflect your changes.
    • DB_BACKUP_KEEP_DAILY - Defines the number of daily snapshots to keep.
      • Default: 14
    • DB_BACKUP_KEEP_LAST - Defines the number of snapshots that will be saved before the oldest snapshot is removed.  
      • Default: 60  (60 snapshots of the master, 60 snapshots of the slave)
    • DB_BACKUP_KEEP_MONTHLY - Defines the number of monthly snapshots to keep.
      • Default: 12
    • DB_BACKUP_KEEP_WEEKLY - Defines the number of weekly snapshots to keep.
      • Default: 6
    • DB_BACKUP_KEEP_YEARLY - Defines the number of yearly snapshots to keep.
      • Default: 2
  3. Launch a new Slave-DB
  4. Promote Slave-DB to Master-DB  (A backup of the DB will be taken.)
  5. Wait for the snapshot of the new Master-DB to be 100% complete before launching a new slave instance.
  6. Launch a new Slave-DB
  7. Safely terminate the old DB instances that had the previous backup settings.

What feedback to expect

The Events pane on the left of the Dashboard will highlight the progress of the operation.  Click on the name of an action in the pane to view a detailed audit entry of the action, which can be used to help troubleshoot the cause of a failure, if necessary.

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