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There are no running DB instances (master or slave)!

There are only two possible situations that can lead to having no DB instances running. The first, and
most obvious scenario is when the DB system has never been brought up before. The second is when the full
existing DB system failed (unscheduled) or was purposely shutdown.

Verification: How do I know my system is in this situation?

  1. Go to your deployment (Manage -> Deployments).
  2. Verify that none of the running instances are derived from the "MySQL 5.x EBS v2" ServerTemplate.


Required actions: What recipes should I apply to solve the situation?

  1. Launch a new Master-DB
  2. If this is the first time the DB system is ever been brought up, Initialize Master-DB contents or Migrate from previous MySQL database setup.
  3. Launch a new Slave-DB




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