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The Master-DB instance failed

If your Master-DB instance failed, but you still have a Slave-DB instance operational, you can follow the required actions below to recover from a Master-DB failure.  If you do not have a Slave-DB instance running and your Master-DB failed, see the There are no running DB instances (master or slave)! scenario.

If a Slave-DB is operational, it's better to promote it to master instead of creating a new Master-DB from a previous snapshot.  By promoting the existing slave to master you will minimize data loss and avoid a restoration from an old snapshot that might not have the latest changes which have probably already been copied over to the Slave-DB.

Verification: How do I know my system is in this situation?

  1. Go to your deployment (Manage -> Deployments).
  2. Verify that the Master-DB is no longer running.
  3. Verify that the Slave-DB is operational.


Required actions: What recipes should I apply to solve the situation?

  1. Promote Slave-DB to Master-DB
  2. Launch a new Slave-DB  


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