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RightScale Cloud Management Platform Status - Key Services


Status RightScale Service Notices
icon_green_circle_v1.png  Dashboard  Fixed, almost.
icon_green_circle_v1.png MultiCloud Marketplace horribly broken
icon_green_circle_v1.png Cloud Analytics


icon_green_circle_v1.png Monitoring  
icon_green_circle_v1.png Repositories


icon_green_circle_v1.png Tags  
icon_green_circle_v1.png Alerting System  
icon_green_circle_v1.png RightLink Communication

09/03/2014 11:35 PDT - We are seeing issues with our RightNet functionality, which is resulting in longer wait times for actions to complete, as well as different statuses remaining in queued for longer than normal, as well as errors being thrown for inputs or running scripts in general. We are currently investigating and working on correcting the issue.


09/03/2014 1:27pm PDT - RightNet functionality has fully recovered, however any script stuck in a "Preparing" or "Failed" status will need to re-run the script as it will not happen automatically at this point.  We will provide more information regarding this outage shortly.


RCA: At 11:20 AM PDT today, we had released new rightnet changes to production which caused the inability to execute scripts or send other requests. This behavior impacted both shards (us-3 and us-4) of production.  At Approximately 12:20 PM Ops identified the  problem and began fixing all the impacted systems.  At 12:59 PM all systems had been updated, and service was back to normal.  The failure was caused by an error in the code deployed that did not parse input values correctly.  We will be revisiting our no downtime release procedures to prevent issues like this in the future and apologize to those affected.


Another thing to note, is that related to this outage, you may have seen various tasks fail to schedule or execute scripts, particularly in bulk. A fix for this particular piece of the issue was pushed out at approximately 6:50PM PDT.

icon_green_circle_v1.png RightScale API 1.0


icon_green_circle_v1.png RightScale API 1.5 09/04/2014 3:20PM PDT - 4:40PM PDT - We began seeing increased request and wait times on our fast_api servers. At 4:40PM PDT, we launched additional fast_api servers to handle the load. After 4:45PM PDT, everything appeared to be running normal again.
icon_green_circle_v1.png Autoscaling


icon_green_circle_v1.png Self Service  


  Fully operational.  No known issues.
   icon_yellow_circle_v1.png  Operational but impaired
   icon_red_circle_v1.png  Not operational

Public Cloud Providers

Please check with the Cloud Provider directly, or click the hyperlink to see their status and site maintenance page.


Note:  This is a manually updated status page.  If this status does not align with behavior you are experiencing, please contact

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