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DNS Made Easy Powershell Tools

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This script installs a PowerShell module that provides a wrapper for the DNS Made Easy REST API. The module also provides some helper cmdlets for the following operations:



The cmdlets return XMLDocument objects that are easily traversable using PowerShell. The following script is an example of importing the DNS Made Easy PowerShell mdule and using the "Add-Arecord" and "Get-Records" functions to update and list DNS records hosted with DNS Made Easy:


# Add DMeTools module to powershell session
Import-Module DmeHelpers

# Read variables from dashboard inputs
$apiKey = "$env:DME_API_KEY"
$secretKey = "$env:DME_SECRET_KEY"
$domain = "$env:DNS_DOMAIN_NAME"
$dnsARecord = "$env:DNS_A_RECORD"

# Add A Record
Add-ARecord -apiKey $apiKey -secretKey $secretKey -domain $domain -subDomain "$dnsARecord" -ipAddress "$env:RS_PRIVATE_IP"

# List records
$dnsRecords = Get-Records -apiKey $apiKey -secretKey $secretKey -domain $domain
$dnsRecords.record | ft
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