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2013-09-20 Unified Cloud Platform Migration Details

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The Unified Cloud Platform (UCP) is the new version of the RightScale platform. It contains a single, unified API 1.5 where all clouds are supported. The Unified Cloud Platform succeeds the Legacy Cloud Platform, which used separate APIs depending on the cloud.. All new RightScale functionality is developed for the Unified Cloud Platform exclusively, including optimized performance, new UI, integrated cloud services, more API calls and new multi-cloud tools.

Migration Process

While Unified Cloud Platform is in public beta, customers can sign up to migrate their existing account(s). Moving from an existing Legacy account to a desired cluster involves a minimal migration process. During the migration from Legacy to Unified, your RightScale account will be unavailable for about two hours. Similar to our release maintenance windows, all cloud resources in the RightScale account will continue to function normally, except you will not be able to manage them from the RightScale Dashboard.


Once the account is migrated, you will automatically redirect to the correct Unified Cloud URLs when accessing RightScale. For disaster recovery, RightScale will provide you with specific URLs to the new Unified Cloud so if the Dashboard goes down, you will still have access to your account by going to the specific Unified Cloud Platform URL.


Note: There is no graceful migration back to Legacy Cloud Platform once your account is migrated to Unified Cloud Platform.

Customer FAQs

  • Is Unified Cloud Platform right for me? Yes.
    • Why? Unified Cloud Platform boasts a truly multi-cloud API with accounts provisioned in regions around the world of your choice. All of our new features and development efforts are devoted to Unified Cloud Platform. The Legacy Cloud Platform will stagnate without new feature pushes (however, Legacy Cloud platform will continue to include bug fixes and necessary feature enhancements).
    • How does provisioning work? If you provision a new account, you are automatically there.  Otherwise, you should sign up for migration below.
  • Is Unified Cloud Platform stable for production workloads? 
    • Yes. Rightscale builds and tests new capabilities on UCP to the same rigor as LCP.  Also, RightScale runs its own environment from UCP. 
  • What should I be aware of before I migrate?
    • Understand what features are missing in the UCP environment (listed below).
    • Migrations are one-way only.  Once you go to UCP, there is no returning back to Legacy Cloud Platform.
    • You will need to update your API endpoint from to a new URL, which is based on which UCP environment you migrate to.  This API endpoint will still service API 1.0 requests properly, but we encourage you to begin porting over to API 1.5. See UCP API Endpoint Changes for more details.
  • How do I sign up for migration?
  • My Account shows a forklift image for over an hour, what do I need to do?
  • Once I sign up for migration, what do I need to do?
    • Someone from our team will reach out to you to confirm your migration window.

Benefits of Unified Cloud Platform

  • UCP unifies clouds with a single API. This API is version 1.5 and will include EC2.
    • A unified API will allow customers to provision and manage cloud workloads across all the clouds RightScale supports.
  • Avoid future migration to Unified Cloud Platform, which is scheduled for the first half of 2014.

Unified Cloud Platform and Legacy Platform Feature Parity

The Unified Cloud Platform does not support the following capabilities on AWS.  Please be aware of these limitations as you consider migrating your existing account from LCP to UCP.


  • Spot Pricing
  • Cluster Compute Instance provisioning with Placement Groups
  • v3 RightImages do not work in UCP
  • Macros do not work in UCP
  • UCP does not support purchasing Reserved Instances. However, you can still manage them in the RightScale Dashboard after purchasing them in the AWS console. See the AWS documentation for more information:
  • UCP does not support image operations including bundling, sharing, replication, registration or deregistration
  • Queue based Server Arrays do not work in UCP

Qualified participants

Please contact for questions.

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