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The RightScale Grid Edition Solution Pack is ideal for organizations with large-volume compute-intensive grid and batch processing needs. The Grid Edition pack includes:

  • Pre-configured Grid Processing QuickStart Framework
  • Macro to create dynamic grid deployments for multiple grid types
  • Automation for real-time remediation of grid sizes or characteristics
  • Professional services for onboarding deployment launch


The RightScale Grid Technical User Guide is a comprehensive guide that covers the steps required to run the Macro and initially set up your batch processing environment, as well as how to customize and configure it for your own application.


Under the Webinars section of our website, you'll find the following related archived Webinars:

  • Harness the Power of the Cloud for Grid Computing and Batch Processing Applications
  • Harness the Power of the Cloud for Grid Computing
  • Benefits of Grid Computing in the Cloud

More information

Please contact Sales for more information and pricing, see RightScale Editions and Pricing: RightScale Solution Packs.

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