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Create a Custom Development and Test Macro

Note: Macros are available only in LCP. They have been deprecated and are not available in the Unified Cloud Platform.


Create a macro that can be used to recreate a previously customized Dev & Test Deployment.

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  • This tutorial assumes that you've previously imported and ran one of the Development & Test macros to initially setup the Dev & Test environment. See Run the Macro.
  • 'actor' user role privileges are required to run the macro
  • 'designer' user role privileges are required for editing the ServerTemplates


In order to create a custom macro, you must understand how to appropriately modify macro code.  Now that you have a committed revision of a ServerTemplate that you've customized for your own purposes, you can create a modified version of the original macro that you imported from the MultiCloud Marketplace that can be run to quickly create additional Dev & Test Deployments.   Later, you could also share the macro. 


Prepare your Setup

Before you create a macro of a Deployment, make sure that all of the servers are using committed (not HEAD) ServerTemplate revisions.  Make sure that your inputs are set correctly and that you're using Credentials for any sensitive information that you don't want to expose to other users.

Create a Macro

Go to Design -> Macros. Click the New action button.  Check the "Deployment" option as the source of the macro and select the customized Dev & Test Deployment.  Click Create.    When you create the macro, you will most likely see a warning message that the macro references private ServerTemplates.  As long as the macro is run from within the same RightScale account (from which it was created), it will run successfully.  However, if you plan to publish and share the macro, you will also have to publish and share any private ServerTemplates/RightScripts/MultiCloud Images, otherwise the macro will fail because it will not have access to the required components to build the Deployment.

Run the Customized Macro

When users run the macro they'll have the option of either selecting existing components (e.g. SSH Key or Security Group) within their RightScale account or creating new ones from scratch by leaving them unselected.  Users will also be asked to provide a nickname (not a prefix) for the Deployment that will be created.  As a best practice, users should use the same unique name for each component so that you can more easily find them and the related components.

Note: Servers will be created, but they will not be launched automatically.

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