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Zeus Traffic Manager manages your application traffic, inspecting, transforming and routing requests as it load-balances them across the application infrastructure. The powerful TrafficScript™ engine lets you implement whatever traffic management policies are most appropriate for your enterprise. Where necessary, Java™ Extensions can be used to implement additional, complex traffic transformations and other policies.

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Features and Benefits

  • Service Reliability - Detect and work around application and hardware failures, ensuring your services have the best possible availability, whatever the circumstances.
  • Application Acceleration - By placing Zeus Traffic Manager in front of your networked and web-enabled applications, you can boost the number of transactions your infrastructure can handle, and dramatically increase the speed and responsiveness that your users experience.
  • Application Security - Mitigate flash floods, filter invalid or malicious requests, apply access controls—be confident that your applications are hardened and that your user data is safe.
  • Manage your Traffic and Infrastructure - Zeus Traffic Manager keeps you informed with detailed logs and status reports. Manage, transform and route traffic across multiple applications, and manage clusters of application servers to reduce your operational costs.

Common Use Cases

Zeus Traffic Manager can:

  • inspect and rewrite the entire application stream;
  • decrypt and re-encrypt all SSL and TLS-encrypted traffic;
  • bandwidth-shape and rate-shape traffic;
  • cache HTTP responses;
  • offload compression and XML operations, as well as SSL decryption;
  • monitor the performance and availability of back-end servers and adjust load-balancing automatically;
  • apply security policies to ensure that requests are valid and permissible.


In addition, with TrafficScript rules you can specify precisely how you want your network traffic to be handled:

  • Identify less valuable traffic like web spiders and limit the requests-per-second they submit;
  • Work around broken links and content on your website;
  • Control precisely what content is cached, and for how long;
  • Turn traffic management policies on and off at different times of daylaunching a website at 5am for example;
  • Rewrite outgoing content to insert JavaScript, mask sensitive data, add META tags to documents and fix copyright dates;
  • Process data from different data sources, embedding RSS feeds or Google search results for example;
  • Protect against DoS attacks;
  • Bandwidth-limit certain types of responses.


There are four Zeus ServerTemplates, with different levels of features and performance.  You can find the ServerTemplates in the MultiCloud Marketplace. (Design -> MultiCloud Marketplace)

  • Zeus Simple Load Balancer - Provides basic load balancing for simple services.
  • Zeus Load Balancer - Provides advanced load balancing and traffic visualization.
  • Zeus Traffic Manager Standard - Provides Content Caching and Application Autoscaling, along with the TrafficScript language to give you complete control over how your traffic is managed.
  • Zeus Traffic Manager Premium - Adds sophisticated capabilities to control and manage traffic - Bandwidth Management, Service Level Management and Real-time Analytics.
  • Zeus Traffic Manager Standard + AFM - Provides the Standard Edition of Zeus Traffic Manager, with the Zeus Application Firewall Module (AFM) pre-installed.  This module is included fully-licensed and cannot be separately uninstalled.
  • Zeus Traffic Manager Premium + AFM - Provides the Premium Edition of Zeus Traffic Manager, with the Zeus Application Firewall Module (AFM) pre-installed.  This module is included fully-licensed and cannot be separately uninstalled.


All Zeus ServerTemplates use the same basic set of RightScripts.  For more information, see Zeus Traffic Manager ServerTemplates.


Reference information about the Zeus ServerTemplate, RightScripts, Statistics and common Runbook Scenarios

Complete guides for administering and configuring Zeus Traffic Manager can be found here:


RightScale Component Support

If you have questions regarding the RightScale components published by Zeus, support will be provided per the terms of your RightScale Software Services, License and Support Agreement.  See Get Support for more information on how to get support, including RightScale business hours, response SLA, and contact information.

Partner Application Support

If you have questions regarding general Zeus application functionality, please contact

Pricing and Billing

Detailed pricing information regarding the use of the RightScale components published by Zend can be found in the ServerTemplate End User License Agreement (EULA), which is viewable when the component is imported into your account's local collection.  For more details on pricing, please contact your RightScale Account Manager.

If you have questions regarding billing, please email


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