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Trend Micro SecureCloud is an identity & integrity policy-based encryption key management solution for Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds.

Table of Contents

Features and Benefits


Advanced Security Techniques

  • Uses industry-standard 128, 192, or 256-bit AES encryption
  • Encrypts and decrypts information in real time, so data at rest is always protected
  • Applies whole volume encryption to secure all data, metadata, and associated structures without impacting application functionality


Access and Authentication Controls

  • Employs role-based management to help ensure proper separation of duties
  • Automates key release and virtual machine authorization for rapid operations or requires manual approval for increased security  
  • Delivers keys via SSL encrypted Internet channels


Policy-driven Key Management

  • Uses identity- and integrity-based policy enforcement to ensure only authorized virtual machines receive keys and access secure volumes
  • Enables the use of policies to determine when and where information is accessed
  • Offers key management as a Trend Micro SaaS solution or as a software installer managed within the user’s data center


Robust Auditing, Reporting, and Alerting

  • Logs actions in the management console for audit purposes
  • Provides detailed reporting and alerting features with incident-based and interval-based notifications




  • Provides safe use of IaaS, leveraging the agility and cost savings of the public cloud
  • Segregates and protects sensitive information in private clouds and virtual environments


  • Enhances data security and control by remotely managing cipher keys
  • Promotes safe storage recycling by rendering any data remnants indecipherable
  • Facilitates compliance and supports internal governance


  • Allows businesses to choose when and where information is accessed
  • Avoids vendor lock-in with customer key ownership

Threat Protection

  • Data Privacy
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Secure Storage Recycling

Common Use Cases

  1. How do customers control and protect their data in the cloud from being viewed, stolen or manipulated by others I share the cloud with or by the service providers staff.  How can I protect against this?
  2. Cloud volumes are mobile.  Snapshots are taken frequently, backups are made regularly and information is shared across multiple data centers to make it highly available.
    • Questions that plague Cloud user like; where my data is at any given time or how much of it is out there, or could I be out of compliance with data privacy laws if my data is moved to data centers outside of my country?
  3. If a cloud provider supplies encryption they still have access to the encryption keys. Clear separation of duties should be employed to protect Cloud tenants’ sensitive information from the cloud provider.
  4. I moved my information back in-house / my project is done / I’m switching cloud vendors.  How can I be sure that my old data is overwritten and won’t be viewable to the next cloud customer using that storage?
  5. I want to control the precise identity of servers accessing my data and control the time and location in which they access information.


Select a link to see more detailed ServerTemplate and Runbook information.


The Frequently Asked Questions about SecureCloud are available at the Trend Micro Knowledge base.



If you have questions regarding the RightScale components published by Trend Micro, support will be provided per the terms of your RightScale™ Software Services, License and Support Agreement.  Click here for more information on how to get support or to get more information on RightScale business hours, response SLA, and contact information.

Partner Application Support

If you have questions regarding SecureCloud functionalities or you need to report bugs, please visit Trend Micro Support.

If you need to get support regarding the ServerTemplate itself (for example how to customize it, or why the Server gets stranded during deployment), you should contact RightScale at

Pricing and Billing


  • Sold by “managed encryption key.” 
  • This is very much like “per user” pricing but is more reflective of the number of cloud volumes a customer wants to encrypt. 
  • Each encrypted volume requires a unique encryption key. 
  • Volume discounts apply to all pricing and licensing models.



  • Available as a Trend Micro Hosted Software-as-a-Service.
    • Annual term subscription licensing.
    • Subscription fee is per key / per year.
  • Available as an on-premise software appliance.
    • Perpetual license with associated maintenance.
    • License fee is per key.
    • 40% support and maintenance annually .
    • The key management server (software installer) is included with a purchase of the on-premise version of SecureCloud .  No additional expenditure is required.


Vendor Documentation

Vendor specific documentation can be found here:

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