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SmartFoxServer is a comprehensive platform for rapidly developing massive multiuser applications and games with Adobe Flash/Flex/Air, Java, Android, .Net, Unity3D, Silverlight, Apple iOS and more.

Born in 2004, and evolving continuously since then, today SmartFoxServer is the leading middleware to create large scale multiplayer games, MMOs and virtual communities. It currently powers hundreds of different projects all over the world, from small chats with turn-based games to massive virtual worlds and multiplayer realtime games.

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Features and Benefits

SmartFoxServer 2X is a multi-platform socket server which enables developers to rapidly create multiuser applications and games which range from simple chat rooms to large virtual communities, from sophisticated turn-based games to MMOs and fast-paced realtime games.

SmartFoxServer 2X is developed and maintained by gotoAndPlay(). In order to make it easir for customers to deply SmartFoxServer in the cloud, gotoAndPlay() created the SmartFoxServer 2X Community Edition ServerTemplate for the RightScale management platform. Please check the template description in the MultiCloud Marketplace for more information on its content and basic details on the SmartFoxServer 2X features.
Also, detailed information on SmartFoxServer are available on the product’s website (see the Vendor Documentation section below).

Using SmartFoxServer 2X in the cloud allows creating an elastic infrastructure for multiuser application and games which can easily scale as the expected traffic grows.
Specifically, by using the RightScale platform, you can deploy a server running a fully configured SmartFoxServer 2X instance in a few minutes, without the need to manually setup IP addresses, firewall rules, router port forwarding, Linux ulimit, etc. As soon as the server is up-and-running you can access and control SmartFoxServer using its Remote Administration Tool.


Select a link to see more detailed ServerTemplate and  Runbook information.


The Frequently Asked Questions about SmartFoxServer 2X are available at the following URL:



If you have questions regarding the RightScale components published by SmartFoxServer, support will be provided per the terms of your RightScale™ Software Services, License and Support Agreement.  Click here for more information on how to get support or to get more information on RightScale business hours, response SLA, and contact information.

Partner Application Support

If you have questions regarding SmartFoxServer 2X functionalities or you need to report bugs, please post a message in the SmartFoxServer support forum:

If you need to get support regarding the ServerTemplate itself (for example how to customize it, or why the Server gets stranded during deployment), you should contact RightScale at

Pricing and Billing

SmartFoxServer 2x Community Edition is provided for free. You will be able to evaluate the product as long as you wish, develop your own projects and put them in production. This edition enables you to support 100 concurrent users per server with 100% of the features. If you wish to support more concurrent users, you may purchase a commercial license from the SmartFoxServer’s online shop:

Vendor Documentation

Vendor specific documentation can be found here:

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