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ISV Metering

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ISV Partners can view usage reports about ServerTemplates that they've either published to the community (Partners tab) or shared with select users via Sharing Groups.  The metering reports help you track who is using your ServerTemplates and how often they are being used (i.e. the total number of instance hours). You can then use this information to generate reports (by customer) for billing/subscription purposes. RightScale does not handle any billing-related issues. If you are logged into the Dashboard under an ISV account with the "admin" role assigned, the following reports are available:

  • ServerTemplates Usage
    View information about the Server Templates that were used in a given month to launch instances in the RightScale account that you are currently viewing.
  • Customer Usage
    View information about the monthly usage of your published/shared Server Templates across all RightScale accounts.

ISV metering reports are only available to customers with "ISV" accounts. Contact for more information.

In addition to the metrics that RightScale collects by default (e.g. instance size, instance hours, disk volume hours, etc.) you can also customize the metering reports to include your own custom metrics.  For example, you may want to include the "size of a customer's database" or "number of requests to the application." Each ISV account can add up to two (2) custom reporting metrics. 

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