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Simple, Fast, Elastic. Couchbase publishes two ServerTemplates for Couchbase Server (Community/Enterprise Edition), a clustered, scalable NoSQL database.

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Couchbase is the company behind the Couchbase open source project, a vibrant community of developers and users of Couchbase document-oriented database technology. Our flagship product, Couchbase Server, is a packaged version of Couchbase technology that’s available in Community and Enterprise Editions. We’re known for our easy scalability, consistent high performance, 24x365 availability, and a flexible data model. Companies like AOL, Cisco, Concur, LinkedIn, Orbitz,, Shuffle Master, Zynga and hundreds of others around the world use Couchbase Server for their interactive web and mobile applications.

Features and Benefits

Key features and benefits of Couchbase Server (formerly called Membase Server):

  • Distributed document database and key value store
  • Flexible data model: support for JSON documents, indexing and querying, and incremental map reduce
  • Easy scalability: autosharding and cross data center replication.
  • Consistent high performance: Couchbase Server lets you read and write data with submillisecond latency and sustained high throughput
  • Always on 24x365: zero-downtime maintenance, data replication with auto-failover, reliable storage architecture, and a rich management and monitoring UI
  • SDKs: Develop your application in the language of your choice using our fully supported SDKs for Java, C#, PHP, C, Python and Ruby.

Common Use Cases

Proven use cases for the Couchbase application:

  • Complement a SQL RDBMS: There’s room for both SQL type databases and non-SQL type databases. The trend is towards using specialized technologies for different datasets...RDBMS’ still have their place, but Couchbase is very fast, simple place to put data.
  • Complement Specialized Applications: Couchbase can be easily integrated with other “specialized” technologies to extend their functionality: Hadoop, Solr/Lucene/Elastic Search – especially useful for secondary indices and full text search and difficult with RDBMS.
  • Session Storage: Prime use case is user session storage for web applications that leverage many, small session objects where the same data is accessed many times for each user’s lifetime on the site, or many sessions are accessed concurrently.
  • Social Games: Games can grow very quickly then might shrink, and data growth can be exponential. Many are developed in PHP/Ruby which are designed to work with memcached, and Couchbase can be considered memcached for this purpose. Further, social games share the same profile: require centralized data store for application/user state, use short-lived client processes, must be accessible from distributed clients, leverage game states (ex, high scores) that can be logically “looked up” within application code.
  • Social Applications: Relationships between people are more important here, but you can’t sustain the scale without sharding an RDBMS and then you lose the “relational” nature. The logic needs to be built into the app, and Couchbase makes the management of data much easier. Pages are usually made up of hundreds s of individually “gathered” objects and
    tt is frequently better to display as much as possible rather than delay the user because one piece of data may be slower. This is particularly hard to do with RDBMS and very easy with Couchbase. The underlying infrastructure of many social applications involves “event propagation” for building indexes or updating other records. These events can be relatively short-lived and accessed many times…another prime use of Couchbase.
  • Ad Targeting: Applies to any “recommendation” application that serves ads, search results, or side-bar” data. These applications have a very small window of time (>100ms) to come up with a “recommendation”. Couchbase allows the application to get the data extremely quickly
    (~ 1-2ms) which allows more time for processing and more intelligent decision making – simply not possible with any traditional RDBMS.
  • Rate Limiting: Couchbase can be used to prevent user(s) from overloading system and to stop bot attacks by incrementing a counter on access. If rate is exceeded, don’t allow a user to continue generating activity for certain time frame.

ServerTemplate and Runbook Summary

A list of currently available ServerTemplates with Runbook information can be found below:



If you have questions regarding the RightScale components published by Couchbase, support will be provided per the terms of your RightScale™ Software Services, License and Support Agreement.  Click here for more information on how to get support, including RightScale business hours, response SLA, and contact information.

Partner Application Support

If you have questions regarding general Couchbase application functionality, please contact

Pricing and Billing

Pricing for use of the RightScale components published by Couchbase is detailed in the ServerTemplate End User License Agreement (EULA),  available upon import to your account's local collection.  For more details on pricing, please contact your RightScale Account Manager.

If you have questions regarding billing, email

Vendor Documentation

Complete guides for administering and configuring the web console of Couchbase are found here:

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