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Set up a VPN Cubed Manager


In this tutorial you will set up a VPN cubed manager and add a RightScript to any of your RightScale ServerTemplates that allow the clients to join the VPN.


Step 1: Set up a Security Group
Step 2: Launch the VPN Cubed Manager
Step 3: Log into the VPN Cubed Manager
Step 4: Configure the VPN Cubed Manager

Step 1: Set up a Security Group

The first step is to create a security group for your VPN cubed deployment with the following ports open:

tcp: 22, 8000
udp: 1194

Step 2: Launch the VPN Cubed Manager

Go to Design -> ServerTemplates -> Partners tab. Select the "Cohesive FT VPN Cubed Manager" ServerTemplate and launch a new server. You will need to specify the same AWS-EC2 region where you created the security group.  Be sure to assign the security group you created in the previous step. Set the following input parameters:



Step 3: Log into the VPN Cubed Manager

Once the server is operational, select the VPN Cubed Manager.  Under the Info tab, copy the AWS Id to your clipboard (be sure not to grab any trailing spaces).


Click on the Public DNS name and wait for it to timeout with a page load error.

Change the URL in your browser from http to https and add :8000 to the end. It will look like:


Click through the subsequent screens to add an exception and get the certificate.  Once you confirm the security exception, you can log in to the server.

username: vpncubed
password: <enter your AWS id>  (If you have trouble logging in, make sure there are no trailing spaces.) Later, you can change the password once you log into the manager.

Step 4: Configure the VPN Cubed Manager

Click Generate New and click the Generate Keys button.  It will take several minutes to generate new keys, but wait for this process to be complete before moving on to the next step.   You can refresh the browser every couple of minutes.


Click on the Set up Manager Peering link.

Set Manager #1 to "this instance" and leave Manager #2 as not set.  


You can set up peering with multiple managers in a later tutorial.

Congratulations! The manager is properly set up. Click on Runtime Status to see the credentials you will need for the next tutorial: Set up Clients to join a VPN.

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