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X BI Stack

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Business Intelligence Stack.  

Summary Statement

The Business Intelligence Stack is a solution comprised of Talend, Vertica and Jaspersoft.

  • Talend - Open source data integration
  • Vertica - Analytic database
  • Jaspersoft - Open source business intelligence and reporting

RightScale Cloud Management Platform is used to build and deploy this solution stack on Amazon's EC2 cloud infrastructure.

Demonstration Video

This video demonstration is only a few minutes long, but will give you great understanding of the power and ease in which you can setup the Business Intelligence Stack.


Watch video

ServerTemplates & RightScripts

ServerTemplates published by RightScale Partners can be found in the MultiCloud Marketplace.  Go to Design -> MultiCloud Marketplace -> ServerTemplates.  Use the filter options to find correct ServerTemplate(s).   In order to use the ServerTemplate, you must first import it to your local view.

Some Partner ServerTemplates are not designed to launch server instances.  In some cases, the purpose of a ServerTemplate is to provide access to a collection of RightScripts. 

ServerTemplate JasperServer Pro 3.5.1  
ServerTemplate Talend Repository 3.1.3EE  
ServerTemplate Vertica Installs the Vertica Analytic Database
RightScript JasperServer Pro Install  
RightScript start Starts JasperServer. Removes any log files before start.
RightScript stop Shutdown JasperServer and dependent processes (Tomcat).
RightScript JasperServer Pro Sample: Web Services Builds and deploys java-webapp-sample.
RightScript JasperServer Stop and Uninstall Shutdown and uninstall JasperServer and dependent processes (Tomcat)
RightScript talend-cls-3.1.3EE Install talend-cls .RPM
RightScript talend-rjs-3.1.3EE Install talend-rjs .RPM
RightScript TAC 3.1.3EE Install Web Admin
RightScript Install SVN Install and configure Subversion
RightScript Start Daemons  
RightScript Talend-LandingPage Install welcome page on Apache
RightScript Fetch Vertica Fetches the Vertica software
RightScript License Vertica Obtains a Vertica license
RightScript Vertica EBS Setup Configures Vertica to run off of mounted EBS volumes
RightScript Install Vertica Installs Vertica
RightScript Vertica Demo Prepares the database with one of the pre-packaged demos
RightScript Install Vertica Cluster Installs a Vertica Cluster



If you are using IE8 to run the macro in the RightScale Dashboard, you must first change the following security setting within your browser.   Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level.  Scroll to the bottom and Enable the "Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows."  View Screenshot

See also

For further information please see the appropriate partner page on our Support Portal, company website, or simply send us an email at  You can also visit our Partners page on our corporate website here.

Company Partner Page Corporate Website
Talend  Talend
Vertica  Vertica
Jaspersoft  Jaspersoft
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