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v13.5 Maintenance

Notice: This is a maintenance release for v13.5. Read below for more information.

Table of Contents

Reminder:  Additional current and archived Release Notes can be found here.

General Release Information

Release Time: Recently updated on September 11th, 2013

Release Highlights:

  • Maintenance Release for v13.5

Contact Information:



This is a maintenance release for the v13.5 Infinity ServerTemplates. These release notes include the newest revisions of the v13.5 Infinity ServerTemplates. See below for links to these ServerTemplates and for information about what changed in this release. 

If you already imported the v13.5 Infinity ServerTemplates, they are forward-compatible with the new revisions. Simply upgrade your revision to the newest in your account library.



The ServerTemplates listed here were all updated with the issues listed below:

Database Manager for Microsoft SQL Server

Newest Infinity version: v13.5.1 Infinity

MultiCloud Marketplacehttp://www.rightscale.com/library/server_templates/Database-Manager-for-Microsoft/lineage/10529

Known limitations:

  • Rackspace Performance Cloud Servers are not supported.

Bug Fixes:

Bug Fix Infinity Maintenance Version Publish Date
Full backup to null device  v13.5.1 September 11th, 2013

List of Bug Fixes

The following items are the complete list of bug fixes for the v13.5 Infinity maintenance release. See above for which ServerTemplates were affected by these bugs fixes.

Full backup to null device

Our support team has identified that the Database Manager for Microsoft SQL Server may do a full backup to null device even if the backup type is selected as ROS. This means the ROS backups do not have the required full backup to allow a restore. This is a bug that appeared after introducing the feature of automatically truncating transaction logs when the backup method is set to snapshots. (6125)

Known Limitations

The following items are the complete list of known limitations for the v13.5 Infinity maintenance release. See above for which ServerTemplates were affected by these known limitations.



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