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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Release Date: April 1, 2015

Note: Archived release notes available here.

New Features

  • Update Schedules and End Dates - Using the UI (or the API), you can now update the end date and schedule associated with an existing, running CloudApp. Just go to the CloudApp Details page and select the end date or schedule -- you can also remove an end date if you don't want the CloudApp to be terminated. The next scheduled operation is updated automatically and immediately.
  • Notifications for Scheduled Operations - You now have the option to get notifications for upcoming scheduled operations on your running CloudApps. Self-Service will send notification one hour before a "stop" operation and two days before a "terminate" operation. You can enable these notifications by selecting the new notification preference called "Notify me of all activity", or if you'd prefer not to receive these (but keep receiving what you were getting before), select "Notify me of all activity except Scheduled Actions".

Changes in Behavior

  • Fixed a bug that was forcing the "call" expression to "retrieve" all the return values of the called definition - you can now choose to retrieve all of the return values or none.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the use of "switch" in resource declaration fields.
  • Better error messages - when an error occurs in a CloudApp, we now show not only the expression and line number of the error, but the definition that was being executed when the error occurred.
  • Fixed a bug where concurrent map would contain nulls in the result.


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