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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Release Date: February 11, 2015

Note: Archived release notes available here.

New Features

  • Descriptions for Outputs are now shown as tooltips in both the card and detail view of a running CloudApp.
  • Added support for bulk actions for executions via the API. The behavior is similar to the multi_delete action. The URL pattern is: "/api/manager/projects/60073/executions/actions/launch?ids=123,234,345". See the API reference documentation for additional information.
  • CloudApp launches now support an optional "end date" parameter in both the UI and API. If a user chooses an end date for the CloudApp, the system will automatically Terminate the CloudApp on the selected date (at 11:59pm) if it is still running. The end date is shown on both the card view and detail view of a running CloudApp. See Working with CloudApp Runtime Schedules for additional information.
  • We have removed the "Elapsed Runtime" field from the Card and Detail view since it was not accurate. We will add it back at a later time once we can make sure it is an accurate number.
  • The administrative view of managing CloudApps has been moved to the CloudApps section (from the Admin section). This makes it much easier for administrators to manage all aspects of a CloudApp from a single view. The grid view in CloudApps contains new columns that are only accessible to users with Admin privileges. Refer to the Administrators Guide for additional information.
  • Users can now see the next scheduled action for a given CloudApp (such as Start, Stop, or Terminate) and can postpone or cancel it. On both the CloudApp card and details view, the action is shown as a link, with a dropdown that lets users delay (postpone) the action, or skip (cancel) this occurrence altogether. See Working with CloudApp Runtime Schedules for additional information.

Changes in Behavior

  • If a Stop action is scheduled within 5 minutes of a scheduled Terminate action, the Stop action will be skipped.
  • Enhanced the select() function in RCL to take a regular expression.
  • Fixed the sort() function in RCL to properly sort collections.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a CAT from the Designer table did not always remove it immediately.
  • Fixed a bug where parameters with default_value could not be used in Outputs
  • Fixed a bug where updating Output values from custom operations would not always work correctly.
  • Changed the behavior of a state transition on CloudApps - if an error occurs during Stop or Terminate, the CloudApp will now transition to a Failed state (instead of remaining in the previous state, as happened before).


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