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Release Date: December 18, 2014

Note: Archived release notes available here.

New Features

  • Scheduling - As a designer, you can now create "schedules" that are associated with applications in the Catalog and can be selected by users. This release contains minimal functionality and will be followed with additional features to complete the capability. For this release, Designers can create schedules, associate them with publications in the Catalog, and define behavior for what happens to an app when it is "stopped" and "started". End users can pick from the available schedules and the CloudApp they launch will automatically "stop" and "start" on the defined schedule. For more information, see Using the Schedule Manager.

Changes in Feature Behavior

  • Fixed bug where CloudApp resources would sometimes expire.
  • Fixed bug that would cause errors if using get() in a resource declaration. Added get() function to RCL.
  • Fixed bug in RCL that would cause errors when making assignments in a sub-hash.
  • Added a new Publish modal to designer. Now when you Publish you can choose the name and description for the Application in the Catalog, in addition to the new scheduling features.


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