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Release Date: December 3, 2014

Note: Archived release notes available here.

New Features

  • Cloud Specific Attribute Support - You can now specify a cloud_specific_attributes hash, to include settings such as iam_instance_profile, when creating a Server, ServerArray, or Instance resource in your CAT.

Changes in Feature Behavior

  • Important change! Short version: to_json and from_json must be removed from all CATs when used with declarations. Long version: we have changed the way that to_object works with declarations to make it easier for you to modify declarations in RCL code. Basically, declaration fields will no longer be json, so you no longer have to use to_json and from_json when working with declarations - and using them will cause errors. Some fields may contain raw RCL code that is considered unresolved and those fields should not be used without deep understanding of the underlying behavior. A declaration now contains a top-level "unresolved_fields" array which lists all fields in the "fields" hash that are unresolved.
  • Fixed multiple issues which could have led to "stuck" CloudApps in "canceling_operations" or "terminating".


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