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RightLink 5 to 6 Breaking Changes

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RightLink 6 contains a number of changes which may cause issues with ServerTemplates previously working with RightLink 5.


See also for changes.


RightLink 6 has upgraded both the ruby version (1.8 to 1.9) as well as the Chef version (10.x to 11.6) and some cookbooks may need to be modified. See Chef support side for a list of potentially breaking changes:  RightLink 6 no longer forces installation of a system ruby. Ruby based RightScripts may use the RightLink sandbox ruby by setting the hashbang to "#!/opt/rightscale/sandbox/bin/ruby" or preferably "#!/usr/bin/env ruby".
As of RightLink 6.0, a number of custom Chef resources and providers have been unbundled from RightLink.  Please use external resources or alternate command line utilities bundled with RightLink. When porting ServerTemplates to between RightLink 5.x and 6.0 please take into account the changes below.  A reference design using these new utilties will be provided by the RightScale as part of the ServerTemplate v14 release.
Chef Resource Description Change Alternative
dns Set DNS for given id to the current address of this node. Not currently documented. removed Use community DNS cookbook instead.
executable_schedule Define a schedule (cron) for a RightScript or a Chef recipe to be executed. removed Use standard cron resource and rs_run_recipe CLI script.
remote_recipe A Chef recipe that should be run on a different instance living in the same deployment and running RightLink. removed Use rs_run_recipe CLI script instead using the --recipient-tags option.
rs_shutdown Reboot, Stop or Terminate an Instance removed Use rs_shutdown CLI tool instead.
right_link_tag Publish or remove a machine tag to/from the instance running the recipe. removed Use machine_tag cookbook instead or the rs_tag command line utility
server_collection This resource allows locating multiple instances running in the same deployment using tags or their Server UUID. removed Use machine_tag cookbook instead or the rs_tag command line utility.
right_script Used by RightLink for running Linux RightScripts Remains in v6.0 for internal use Use rs_run_right_script CLI instead
powershell Used by RightLink for running Windows RightScripts Remains in v6.0 for internal use Use rs_run_right_script CLI instead
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