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RightImages v14.1.4


These release notes document new features, changes, and bug fixes to RightImages.

  • Rightlink version: 6.1.5
  • RightImage version: 14.1.4
  • OS package repository freeze date: 20141016
  • Base Build ID:  v14-df50bf65



  • Set "UsePrivilegeSeparation sandbox" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config (w-6279)
  • Removed xen_blkfront.sda_is_xvda=1 grub option on EL7 as it is no longer needed


  • Removed support for Vagrant

Clouds/Images supported

Cloud Support

  • CentOS 7.0 - Amazon EC2, Google, Azure, CloudStack, OpenStack, Rackspace Open Cloud, vSphere
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 - Amazon EC2, Google, Rackspace Open Cloud
    Note: CloudStack versions supported include 4.x. OpenStack versions supported include Juno.

Image Reports

Image reports for supported clouds are available from the image reports S3 bucket:

Known Limitations

Amazon EC2

  • EBS backed instances are limited to one ephemeral disk at start. S3 (instance store) backed instances will vary the number of ephemeral drives attached at boot based on instance size. EBS backed images, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux based images, will only attach one ephemeral disk regardless of instance size.

CloudStack Xen

  • CentOS 7.0: CloudStack/XenServer 6 does not support CentOS 7 so you will need to set the OS type to "Other CentOS (64-bit)". Because it is not supported by XenServer, it boots as HVM which will not allow volume support.
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