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RightImages v13.5

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These release notes document new features, changes, and bug fixes to RightImages.

  • RightLink version: 5.8.13
  • RightImage version: (Ubuntu) (CentOS/RHEL)
  • OS package repository freeze date: 2013-07-07 (Ubuntu) 2013-07-18 (CentOS/RHEL)
  • Base Build ID: 13.5-871e9f62 (Ubuntu) 13.5-2d779f29 (CentOS/RHEL)
  • ServerTemplate freeze date: August 29th, 2013


RightScale Software Repository

  • Alternate ruby 1.9 packages with version 1.9.3p429 are available for CentOS and Red Hat  Enterprise Linux, but not installed by default.  These packages replace the system ruby and may be installed with a "yum install ruby19*"
  • "rightimage-extras" package has been added to CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Ubuntu RightScale software repositories.  This is a meta package which lists the extra packages we install on our images, some of which are required for proper function for ServerTemplates.  This package is meant as a convenience for image builders.
  • RightScale Software Ubuntu Precise repository has been enabled in the dashboard.

All Images (Except Softlayer)

  • Added package rightimage-extras
  • Ubuntu: Installed alternate liblockfile packages to work around NTP service restart failing on instances with hostnames > 36 characters.  OpenStack and Rackspace instances initial hostnames are dynamically set based on server name at the time of launch.  Other clouds would normally not be affected. (w-5970)
  • Pre-run all cron jobs in order to avoid spikes in CPU usage after boot (w-5672)
  • Sun Java is no longer pre-installed on images.  EC2 images now come with OpenJDK 6 to support use of the EC2 api tools.  All other clouds do not come with Java pre-installed. (w-5906)
  • Ubuntu: dhclient startup script backported to set the hostname on first boot rather than default to localhost. (w-5618)
  • NTP service will check host "time".  This is a hook for private clouds to provide an internal NTP service. If an entry for "time" is not created in your DNS server, a warning message from ntp about being unable to find host "time" will be printed to the system log and can be ignored.  Setting the correct time on cloud guest VMs is important.  Without the correct time, the RightScale agent on the servers may fail to enroll with RightScale.  When running servers on a private cloud with no egress on the private network to, the cloud administrator is advised to register a local NTP server with a hostname of "time" to allow the guest VMs to correctly set their system clock. (w-5926) 

Amazon EC2

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux: OpenJDK 7 no longer pre-installed. OpenJDK 6 remains installed to support EC2 API tools. (w-5906)
  • HVM images added for Tokyo (ap-northeast-1) region.


  • Support for the Shanghai region has been removed.

Rackspace Open Cloud

  • Set disk config flag to auto.  Instead of the root volume being fixed at 10 GB,  it will expand to fill entire volume size on boot.  (w-5903)
  • Added Red Hat Enterprise Linux images for all regions.


Cloud and OS Support

  • CentOS 6.4 - Amazon EC2, Google, Azure, CloudStack , OpenStack, HP,  Rackspace, Rackspace Managed (US Only), Rackspace Open Cloud, SoftLayer, Vagrant
  • Ubuntu 12.04 - Amazon EC2, Google, Azure, CloudStack, OpenStack, HP, Rackspace, Rackspace Managed (US Only), Rackspace Open Cloud, SoftLayer, Vagrant
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 - Amazon EC2, Rackspace Open Cloud.

CloudStack versions supported include 3.x.  CloudStack 3.x clouds include Datapipe. 

OpenStack versions supported include Folsom and Rackspace Private Cloud.

Known Limitations

Amazon EC2

  • EBS backed instances limited to one ephemeral disk at start.  S3 (instance store) backed instances will vary the number of ephemeral drives attached at boot based on instance size. EBS backed images, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based images, will only attach one ephemeral disk regardless of instance size.
    • Affected RightImage versions:  <= v13.5
  • Image re-bundling ("Bundle" from RightScale server details page, or from command line using ec2-bundle-vol) does not currently work for S3 (instance store) backed images.  ec2-bundle-vol expects the underlying image to be un-partitioned.  Images were changed from being un-partitioned to partitioned in the v13.3 release.  If re-bundling is desired, EBS backed images still support the "Bundle" command, or else images prior to release v13.3 may be updated and re-bundled.
    • Affected RightImage versions: v13.3 -> v13.5

Image Reports






Edit section

The RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace offers many MCIs that support v13.5 Infinity and LTS. 

Click here to see the v13.5 MCIs, or follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click MultiCloud Images under Browse
  3. Enter "v13.5" in the Keyword(s) field
  4. Click Go
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