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RightImages v13.5.3

Table of Contents


These release notes document new features, changes, and bug fixes to RightImages.

  • RightLink version: Cloudstack KVM: 5.8.14, Others: 5.8.13
  • RightImage version: 13.5.3/
  • OS package repository freeze date: 2014-04-10
  • Base Build ID: 13.5-3a9a6dea

Known Issues

Local mail delivery on Ubuntu doesn't work. All messages are returned to sender with "loops back to self" error. (w-6088)


sudo echo `hostname --fqdn` > /etc/mailname
sudo sed -i "s/^myhostname = .*/myhostname = `hostname --fqdn`/" /etc/postfix/
sudo sed -i "s/^mydestination = .*/mydestination = `hostname --fqdn`, localhost/" /etc/postfix/
sudo service postfix reload


​Common for ALL Images

CloudStack KVM

  • Updated to RightLink 5.8.14.


  • Updated gcutil to 1.14.2.
  • Updated gsutil to 3.42.


  • Support for HP Cloud has been removed.

Rackspace Private Cloud

  • Support for Rackspace Private Cloud has been removed.

Rackspace Open Cloud

  • cloud-init now comes installed on Ubuntu images (w-6267).


  • Support for Softlayer Cloud has been removed until updated images can be provided.


  • Updated images for Vagrant were not built this release.

Cloud and Image Support

  • CentOS 6.5 - Amazon EC2, Google, Azure, CloudStack*, OpenStack**, Rackspace Open Cloud, Vagrant
  • Ubuntu 12.04 - Amazon EC2, Google, Azure, CloudStack*, OpenStack*, Rackspace Open Cloud, Vagrant
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 - Amazon EC2, Google, Rackspace Open Cloud.

* Supported versions include CloudStack 3.x clouds such as Datapipe. 

** Supported OpenStack versions include Juno and Juno.

Known Limitations

Amazon EC2

  • EBS-backed instances limited to one ephemeral disk at start. S3 (instance store) backed instances will vary the number of ephemeral drives attached at boot based on instance size. EBS-backed images, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based images, will only attach one ephemeral disk regardless of instance size.
    • Affected RightImage versions: <= v13.5

Image Reports

Image reports for most clouds are available from RightScale's Image Reports bucket:

The RightScale MultiCloud Marketplace offers many MCIs that support v13.5 LTS ServerTemplates. 

Click here to see the v13.5 MCIs, or follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click MultiCloud Images under Browse
  3. Enter "v13.5" in the Keyword(s) field
  4. Click Go
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